Traditional Parisian restaurant

• Since 1845•

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A favorite of Verlaine, Rimbaud and Hemingway, as well as the theater of assemblies of the  « Optimates du Collège de Pataphysique », Polidor has a unique history since it opened its doors in 1845. It is one of the oldest « bistrots » of Paris. 

Like French grandmas make at homeTraditional French cooking 

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Our new chef prepares traditional French cuisine,  made simply and from fresh products.

Our mission is to prepare delicious yet affordable meals as Le Polidor has done for almost two centuries. Now, as in the nineteenth century, Le Polidor is the standard for quality served at a reasonable price. 

« We spent little money thanks to our knowledge of places where we eat as well and inexpensively as in Le Polidor »   “We stayed within our budget by finding restaurants where we could eat as well and as inexpensively as in Le Polidor.” 

Germain Nouveau  (1851- 1920)– Poet

Le Polidorhas been part of French history for over 175 years

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BookingReservations  only for 10 or more  

Since 1845, Polidor has not taken reservations for small parties.

Come when you want, as you want, we’ll find you a table. 

However, if you are planning lunch or dinner for 10 people or more, please reserve in advance. , we ask you to reserve in advance.